Maxim Wing Spud 7/16 Hex Pinch Bolt Kit

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$110.00 AUD $110.00 AUD
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We have created a kit for you that will make working on your car a dream. 

This wing pinch bolt kit comes with a 7/16 hex. If you like your top wing bolts 7/16 well now you can have both top and front wing bolts exactly the same size wrench. 

This kit makes so much sense and can be combined into making your car completely 7/16 except for your radius rods, shock nuts and adjuster bolts. 

Kit consists of 

6x 5/16 unf 1 1/2" bolts

6x 5/16 unf titanium thin nylon nuts

Hex size = 7/16

* Titanium nuts have are thin nylon. We recommend red loctite if you prefer to run your bolts a fraction loose on your front wing rear strap to chassis.