Triple X - Ti 22 Aero Wing Tree Ram To Tree 7/16 Hex

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This kit is specific to XXX & Ti 22 wing trees with the 5/16 hole through the wing tree which connects the wing ram heim to the tree.

This kit includes a titanium sleeve designed  for the ram heim which has a 3/8 OD so you can still run the 5/16 bolt through the wing tree and heim.

The 7/16 hex on both the bolt and nut keeps everything simple especially if all your wing tree bolts are 7/16 hex.

Kit consists of 

1x 5/16 unf 1 7/8" long bolt

1x 5/16 unf titanium nyloc nut

1x titanium 5/16" ID / 3/8" OD sleeve .495" wide

Socket size = 7/16