Sprintcar Titanium Torsion Stop

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$195.00 AUD $195.00 AUD
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Our 2021 titanium torsion stops are now ready for you.

Tested over the last 2 years with Aaron Reutzel in the U.S.A and James Mcfadden in Australia. These stops can now be classified as championship class stops.

Design by us at BK we know the importance of a quality stop that can slide onto your torsion bar with no need to grind your stop so it doesn't hit the tubes.

Made from solid titanium plate these are strong and durable all which are the most important feature when choosing your stops. 

These stops suit most chassis brands including Maxim, XXX, Cool with a 1 3/4" tube split. 

Stop includes 

1x 9/16 hex adjuster bolt and nut 

1x 3/8 unf 1 1/2" long bolt

1x titanium washer