Red Devil Inboard Brake Caliper Mount Rear End Titanium Side Hat Stud Kit With 9/16 Hex Nuts

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$245.00 AUD $245.00 AUD
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Are you looking at areas to improve your race car ??

With most of your main components on the car 9/16 hex these days we designed a 7/16 unf titanium nyloc nut with a 9/16 hex to suit and generally clean up this part of your car.

Imagine just finishing up your final adjustments with your 9/16 wrench and the ease of a quick bolt check of your side hat nuts.

If you like the sound of that well this kit is for you. 

This kit is for Winters Pro Eliminator Rear Ends.

Kit consists of

7x 7/16 UNC/ UNF 2 3/8" long studs (Total length)

UNF length = 3/4"

UNC length = 1 1/4"

7x 7/16 UNF titanium jet nuts

Socket size = 9/16

Nut height = .560"

1x 7/16 UNC 1.000" long reduced hex with lock wire holes bolt

1x 7/16 UNC 1.250" long reduced hex with lock wire holes bolt

2x 7/16 UNC 4 7/8" long bolts

Socket size= 9/16

We also recommend RED LOCTIE on thin titanium nyloc nuts.