DMI Rear End Titanium Side Hat Stud Kit With Ti 9/16 Hex Nyloc Nuts

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$245.00 AUD $245.00 AUD
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With most of your main components on the car these days 9/16 hex we designed a titanium 7/16 unf nyloc nut with a 9/16 hex to suit and just clean up this part of the car.

Imagine just finishing up your final adjustments with your 9/16 wrench and the ease of a quick bolt check of your side hat.

Loose the steel studs and nuts on your DMI rear end side hat and convert to this titanium kit. If you like to make sure no stone is un turned well this kit is for you. 

Kit consists of

9x 7/16 UNC/ UNF studs

Total stud length = 2 3/8"

UNF length = 3/4"

UNC length = 1 1/4"

1x 7/16 UNC/UNF 

Total Stud Length = 1.70"

UNF = 3/4"

UNC = .500"

1x 7/16 UNC/UNF

Total Stud Length = 1.95

UNF = 3/4"

UNC = 3/4"

11x 7/16 UNF titanium nyloc jet nuts

Socket size = 9/16

Nut height = .560"

We recommend Red Loctite on all thin titanium locking nuts. 

Note on installation PLEASE take note on the thickness of the side hat and nuts. 

As the nut is taller than regular nuts you will need to make sure the stud has enough length out from the rear end housing for the nyloc nut to lock up.