Complete Cool Sprintcar Bolt Kit

$1,885.00 AUD
$1,885.00 AUD $1,885.00 AUD
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Full titanium sprintcar kit. We built this kit to suit your Cool car.

If you have had enough of buying bolts kits and having half of it unusable??

With over 325 pieces we've gone to great lengths to make sure all bolts in our kits our purposely built to suit your car. Also another advantage our kits have, is every part is labelled with the exact position it's intended for, so no more guessing where this bolt and nut goes.

Some of the selections you can chose from & standard issue -

9/16 hex radius rod bolts standard.

Aero wing tree or tubular ( comes in 7/16 hex 1/2 or 9/16 socket sizes  )

Jacobs ladder pins or bolts

9/16 hex titanium shock nuts 

Threaded shock studs or One Nut Studs

Aero space spec steel press in studs for your steering arms & pitman arm are available at an added cost of $150.

Please leave your email so we can specifically tailor your kit to suit your car. Or Email us @ and we can forward you our comprehensive build sheet so you get exactly what you need to build your race car.

If you do purchase this kit from the online store we will contact you and personally to help build this kit to suit your car.