9/16 Hex Car Package For Tethers

$475.00 AUD
$475.00 AUD $475.00 AUD
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We have come up this kit to help you update all the major components you use over the season without having to purchase a full bolt kit.

We have made this kit up of all 9/16 hex bolts and nuts to simplify working on your race car with the use of 1x 9/16 hex socket or wrench.

This kit is made for our US customers who bolt there tethers through their radius rods to frame. 

Suits Maxim, XXX, Eagle 

Kit consists of 

1x radius rod bolt kit 

1/2 unf 4x 2 5/8" long 2x 3 1/2" long 3x 1 1/4" long 

1x torsion arm pinch bolt kit

3/8 unf 4x 1 7/8" long 4x 3/8 washers

1x torsion stop pinch bolt kit

3/8 unf 2x 1 7/8" long 2x 1 1/2" long 4x 3/8 washers

1x pitman arm bolt 

3/8 unf 1 7/8" long 1x 3/8 washer

4x torsion stop adjusters with titanium nuts

8x 1/2 unf titanium black slight locking jet nuts

(We recommend minimum 30 ft lb torque on jet nuts)

*also available j&j chassis